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Kids are very tricky and in fact quite complicated. A lot of guessing will be needed to know what exactly is in their minds until they can express their feelings. The emotional development of the child is as important as the physical development. Children can throw a lot of tantrums and as a parent you should know the best way to handle them. Before blaming your child for their bad behaviours, you should find whether you are giving chances to make them upset. There are many reasons that can make a child upset. It is natural that the children will respond to you in a negative way when they are upset.

10 Expectations Parents Have From Elder Kids

There are many things that can upset your kids. It is not possible to ignore their bad behaviours as this will only aggravate the problem in future. It is challenging to ensure that your kids have got the right attitude to face any situation that life throws at them. Making the kids upset may reduce their confidence level.


Some parents forget to praise their children on any achievements. One of the parenting tips is to motivate your child. A word of encouragement from you is all they are looking for. When all the hard work they have done has gone unnoticed, this can upset the kids.

Negative Words

One of the things that can upset kids are negative words that are used by the parents. This will only force the child to be brought up in a negative environment. They look up to you for each and everything in their life and when you are negative with them all time, this will only crush their spirits.

Threatened And Controlled

These are things that can upset kids. Though sometimes you feel that threatening them is the only way to make them listen to you, this is not one of the best ideas. There is no doubt that when you try to control your child you are going to get a negative reaction from the child.

Ignored And Punished

These are a few other things that can upset kids. There is no doubt that when you do not talk to your kids or ignore them, they will feel unwanted. Punishment is also not going to help. These all will make the kids feel bad, humiliated and upset.


Comparison with other children will definitely upset your little one. The capabilities of each child are different and you will need to work on that. When you are comparing, you are doing nothing but discouraging your child.

Family Problems

This is one of the things that can upset kids. With all the yelling and screaming, your child can be emotionally affected. There is no doubt that the maturity level of the child is too low to understand what is happening. What they feel in their childhood has great impact in designing their character. So, always make sure that your little one is growing up in a happy atmosphere with everything positive around them.